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Sanitary Regulations

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The traveller coming from a European Union country has the right to free medical and hospital assistance. For this, it is necessary to present the E-111 Form in the public health system and they will be tended by a general practitioner. In the case of requiring a specialist or moving to another hospital, the doctor will grant the corresponding certificate. The E-111 Form should be requested at the Sanitary Institute of the country of origin.

If the visitor needs sanitary assistance and does not have the E-111 Form, the patient should then pay for the hospital and medical expenses previously and The Health Ministry of the country of origin will reimburse the expenses by showing the receipts.

The visitor requiring a specific treatment should present the E-112 Form, and if haemodialysis is needed, the patient should show the E-111-D-1 Form.

Taking into account that the private health centres do not accept the E-111 Form, if the visitor is assisted in a private centre he or she should pay for the expenses.

As well as countries belonging to the European Union, the travellers from those countries with which Spain has bilateral agreements such as Andorra, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Morocco, Paraguay, Peru, Russia and Switzerland, will receive free health assistance in the case of accident or sickness,

Those visitors from other countries (not belonging to the European Union, nor having bilateral agreements with Spain) will be assisted by the article number 12 of the Law (Ley de Extranjería), so it would be convenient for them to purchase private insurance, as well as the usual travel insurance, since the latter only covers assistance due to accidents occurring during the trip.

As to pharmaceutical prescriptions, tourists from the European Union will benefit from the same conditions as the Spanish people, that is to say that they will have to pay a percentage or the total cost of the medicine, previously prescribed by a Public Health Doctor.

To come to Tenerife no vaccinations are required.


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